Heating General

CAL 10045
Weight: kg

10 mm Stove rope, per metre

CAL 10020
Weight: kg

12mm Stove rope, per metre

CENT 20522
Weight: kg

18" Handle Black Steel Shovel

AQ: N-93085
Weight: kg

25 mm diameterChimney lagging, per metre


CENT 80129
Weight: kg

4" Black Steel Shovel

CAL 10037
Weight: kg

6 mm Stove rope, per metre

CENT 80075
Weight: kg

6" Black Steel Shovel

CAL 10041
Weight: kg

8 mm Stove rope, per metre

MC HF-462
Weight: kg

Adapter collar / reducer

CENT 20517
Weight: kg

Ash pan 11" for 16" Fireplace

CENT 20521
Weight: kg

Black Steel Poker

CENT 20519
Weight: kg

Black Steel Tongs/Grab

Weight: kg

Brass Trim Ring 4" Flue

Solid brass 4 3/4" I/D
CAL 13001
Weight: kg

Calfire Rope adhesive 30ml

MC HS-150
Weight: kg

Coal Inserts

CAL Options
Weight: kg

Door glass - Various


Weight: kg

Ecofan & Valient Stove Fans

Please select from drop down list:

Ecofan 800 - 810- 812

Valient original - Valient Premair 4

CAL ES0009
Weight: kg

Ecofan Motor kit 810/812


Ecofan spare blades

please note:we can supply replacement blades to order.  the serial number of your ecofan is required


MC Various
Weight: kg

Exhaust Lagging Flat - 2" & 3"

per mtr