Lifejacket Childs/Junior

Specifically designed to turn the unconscious user face up and support the head. It provides an improved fit and maximum safety.

A large flotation collar supports the user’s head for keeping the head out of water. The life jackets have a crotch strap for keeping the vest securely whilst in the water, while the small size also features fabric pampers.

It includes, one webbing fastener, whistle, plastic zip and SOLAS retro reflective tapes. An end rope with plastic button is fixed at the end of each life jacket for adjustable wearing. Approved to the latest European standards for 100N life jackets, ISO 12402-4. All of its raw materials are certified per ISO 12402-7 and ISO 12402 -8,for higher strength, quality and durability. It is available in 6 sizes, in fluorescent orange colour.


Weight: kg

Lifejacket CO 2 Refill 31 - 33g

Adult 50+ kg refill
Weight: kg

Lifejacket Crewfit 150 Junior Auto Gas lifejacket - 20-50kg

The first 3D designed lifejacket for juniors, helping to ensure your little ones remain as comfortable as possible when out on the water. Safety is paramount on the Crewfit 150N junior, a unique bladder design with a peninsular chin support offers the most advanced performance solutions available today.

Key features: 150N Inflation chamber providing exceptional turning solutions even when wearing heavy clothing, Robust outer cover, Indicator Window. Side Waist adjuster, Crotch strap, Soft loop D-ring for attaching harness, Automatic (Inflation occurs automatically when the capsule is immersed) with oral tube for additional air top up, Reflective tape to aid visibility, Whistle, Colour: Red.

Weight: kg

Lifejacket Crewfit165 Adult Auto Gas Lifejacket - 40- kg +

The Crewfit 165N Sport uses the latest 3D technology, ensuring maximum comfort levels. Entry level to the 3D range, the Crewfit 165N Sport has the essential features to ensure the recreational user remains safe when out on the water.

Key Features: ISO 12402-3 (150N) approved but with superior buoyancy (165N) to float you higher in the water. Designed with a Peninsular Chin support to keep your airway well clear of the water whatever the conditions. Attachment point for Crewsaver Surface Light. Robust outer cover for durability, UML MK5 Automatic or Halkny Roberts 840 Manual operating heads, Centre buckle adjuster, Crotch strap, Oral Tube, Whistle, Reflective tape, Lifting becket.

Lifejacket Dog

A comfortable pet buoyancy aid that protects your pet from cold and heat.


  • Wide webbing fixing straps
  • Delrin buckles for easy fit and comfort.
  • Fitted with D- ring for the leash.

Size Guide

  • XS 0-3 kg
  • S 3-8 kg
  • M 8-15 kg
  • L 15-40 kg
  • XL 40+ kg
  • XXL 40++ kg
Weight: kg

Lifejacket Refill CO 2- 33g

Weight: kg

Pilot 12 v Mini Gas Alarm ......... LAST ONE.!!!!!!!!!

Pilot gas alarms are powered directly by a 12V battery. They sense and give an alarm for LPG, butane and propane. The units are not calibrated for diesel fumes and petrol vapour but these will be detected at higher concentrations. They are important and effective safety equipment and are complimented by the solenoid gas shut-off controller.

This is a single channel gas alarm. It has one gas detection sensor on a 3.5 metre length of 3-core cable. The unit draws 98 milliamps at standby rising to 100 milliamps in the event of an alarm. This unit can be linked to the gas valve controller and solenoid value although it is likely to be more cost effective to consider the gas monitoring system.

Dimensions: 35mm x 53mmx 100mm
Weight: kg

Prop Mate

Prop defouling tool. Take the hassle out of the weed hatch. This handy tool can cut through the toughest debris wrapped around your prop without getting your hands wet. Please be aware that as a precaution and health and safety to third parties when delivering this item, the cutting blade is not to a “razor finish”, when you receive it, however if you require a better cutting edge this can be done with a small file.
Weight: kg

Sea-searcher Recovery Magnet

Developed to retrieve tools and ferrous equipment lost overboard from boats and docks, this powerful pocket-sized (108cm) recovery magnet is invaluable for boating. With an unlimited life, the Sea-Searcher can lift up to 64Kg. It has become standard issue for many harbour and river authorities , as well as for police and army search units worldwide. Power comes from ceramic block, charged at 30,000 amps sandwiched between steel plates protected by cadmium electro-plating. The 4mm-thick keeper bar neutralises most of the magnetic field, allowing the magnet to be stored as close as two metres from a compass without interference.
Weight: kg

Single Electric Blast Horn 12 volt

AD - 106
Weight: kg

Single Trumpet Horn

Single horn trumpet. Stainless steel body with a plastic horn. 12V. 9".
Weight: kg

Smoke alarm