Boat Safety- General-Lifejackets

MC WB-023
Weight: kg

Bilge Pump manual Easy bailer Long

MC WB-022
Weight: kg

Bilge Pump manual- Easy bailer short

The Whale Easy Bailer is a portable light weight pump. Suitable for bilge water or diesel transfer, easy to use pump action and comes with 1 metre of hose. Dimensions: 480mm(L) (19). Hose connection: 25mm (1).
Mer 43019
Weight: kg

Blaster Safety Horn - Manual

This deceptive little horn creates a whopping noise with no need for a battery or gas canister.
  • Blow in the small hole on the side (not the end) to produce up to 115 decibels of signal horn.
  • Lightweight, bouyant and will not rust.
  • MC LJ-016
    Weight: kg

    Crewsaver Re-arming Capsule MK5i

    Crewsaver lifejacket replacement capsule.
    Weight: kg

    Deck tiles

    MC AE-021
    Weight: kg

    Fire blanket

    Manufactured to the most recent British Standard BS EN 1869:1997 (this replaced the old BS 6575), and are BSi Kite marked. Blanket Size: 1.1M x 1.1M Slim line Box dimensions: 205mm x 180mm x 50mm.
    MC AE-025
    Weight: kg

    Fire extinguisher 1kg ABC Powder

    ABC dry powder, Rated to 8A 55B C
    MC FA900
    Weight: kg

    First Aid kit

    Weight: kg

    Folding step

    MC AD-065
    Weight: kg

    Gas Horn - Portable

    Charged with non flammable environmentally friendly gas. Horn length 108 mm.
    PEN AN302
    Weight: kg

    Grip mat shelf liner 30cm x 150cm Blue

    PEN AN301
    Weight: kg

    Grip mat shelf liner 30cm x 150cm White

    PEN PO912
    Weight: kg

    Kidde Carbon Monoxide alarm

    PEN KI930
    Weight: kg

    Kidde Combination Carbon Monixide + Smoke alarm 10SCO

    PEN KI916
    Weight: kg

    Kidde Smoke alarm + hush button i9060EU

    AQ N-79021
    Weight: kg

    Label - 12 Volt only

    AQ N-79000
    Weight: kg

    Label - Battery Isolation

    AQ N-79001
    Weight: kg

    Label - Bilge Pump

    AQ N-79002
    Weight: kg

    Label - Central Heating

    AQ N-79003
    Weight: kg

    Label - Diesel