MC AC-063
Weight: kg

Chimney liner, Galvanised steel 24" x 6"

MC S67
Weight: kg

Clamp on Rain Hat - Black

Black powder coated chimney hat with clamp. Clamp can be adjusted to suit various narrowboat chimneys. *Lower Clamp Ring Inside Diameter: 5 1/8" (130mm) *Top Cowl Diameter: 9 5/8” (245mm) *Height of Legs: 8" (200mm).
MC AC-007
Weight: kg

Exhaust Stack Black Painted -Galvanized

3" Diameter x 12" Includes brass bands Colour- Black/Brass
MC AC-008
Weight: kg

Exhaust stack- Black painted- Galvanized

3" x 28"
AQ N-93158
Weight: kg

Exhaust 'Titch' Pipe 3" x 12"

MC AB-054
Weight: kg

Polished Brass Trim Ring 4.5" OD Flue

Diameter: O/D 8", I/D 4.5" Fixings: 4 Hole Fixing/M4 Counter Sunk Screws.
AQ N-43045
Weight: kg

Rain cap - Aluminium with brass ring

Chimney collar/flue cover. Not for use when fire is lit.
MC HF-020
Weight: kg

Rain cap Galvanised steel 6"

Chimney/flue cover. Not for use when fire is lit.
MC AC-015
Weight: kg

Rain cap, Black powder coated

Flat packed - 9.25" (24cm) diameter

MC AC-123
Weight: kg

Rain cap, Stainless steel



Flat packed, 9.25" (24cm) diameter