Mer 42312
Weight: kg

Printed Union Jack Flag

Size 3/4 yard

CWS 150002
Weight: kg

Tea towel - Blunders of the Waterways

CWS 150015
Weight: kg

Tea towel - Nautical Knots and Flags

CWS 150024-2
Weight: kg

Tea towel - Swan

CWS 150012
Weight: kg

Tea towel- Horse and Barge

CWS 150025
Weight: kg

Tea towel Horse boat at Admiral Nelson

CWS 150019
Weight: kg

Tea towel -Narrowboats

Matching: Oven Gloves, Mugs, Apron, Coasters
M er 42332
Weight: kg

Wife on Board Flag

Size 1/2 yard
CWS 29004
Weight: kg

Baseball Cap ( onesize)

Navy with Ecru peak - One size 58cm with velcro size adjuster 100% cotton
CENT 29003
Weight: kg

Baseball Cap First Mate( onesize)

CWS Options

Baseball caps - Capt'n Crew First Mate

Captain - First Mate - Crew

Navy with Ecru peak.  One size 58cm with velco size adjustor. 100% cottom