MC RD910001
Weight: kg

910-001 Coupling 4" 4 Bolt

Flexible coupling 910001. Commonly referred to as 4". Fits between gearbox output flange and shaft coupling to allow for any temporary misalignment caused by flexing of boat structure or movement of engine on its mounts. Failsafe included. Mounting: 4x M10 bolts, 3.25" PCD. Register: 63.5mm (2.5"). Typical application: PRM80/120/150, ZF/Hurth 50/100/125, TMC40/60. Use with RD202153 or RD202165 split couplings. Diameter (O/D): 114.3mm (4.5")
NAPS Options
Weight: kg

Alternator/Fan Belts Multi V 5pk


MC AA-082
Weight: kg

Anode sacrificial 2.5kg Flat Magnesium

BAR RDG 5795
Weight: kg

Barrus Shire Air Filter - RDG5795

BAR RDG 6599
Weight: kg

Barrus Shire Air Filter - RDG6599

RDG 6601
Weight: kg

Barrus Shire Air Filter- RDG6601

MC EP-023
Weight: kg

Bowman end 3366

MC EA-020
Weight: kg

Bowman end cap 3419NP

Weight: kg

Bowman End Cap 70/22mm 3251

MC EA-045- EA-046
Weight: kg

Bowman exhaust flange

MC AAB-02753
Weight: kg

Bowman Filler Cap small

MC EA-027
Weight: kg

Bowman Filler neck & screw insert

MC EA-038
Weight: kg

Bowman RWC End Cap 32mm 3716NP

Weight: kg

Cable Clamp 33C

MC EC-263
Weight: kg

Cable Clamp Kit - Stop

Stop cable clamp and pivot kit. To suit maximum 7mm cable outer and 2mm cable inner.
MC EA-073
Weight: kg

CAV Flter metal drain plug

MC SG-210 & SG-211
Weight: kg

Centaflex studs and nuts

M10 X 40 studs x4

M10 Nyloc  nut x 4

MC EC-007
Weight: kg

Control - Teleflex Cable 10'

MC EC-391
Weight: kg

Control - Teleflex Cable 11'

MC EC-009
Weight: kg

Control - Teleflex Cable 12'