Weight: kg

Anode sacrificial 2.5kg Flat Magnesium


Battery Switch - Red Key TAI AAA

Diameter: 60mm OD (base).
Weight: kg

Bilge Mate Bilge pump - submersible 30 LPM

Max flow: 30 LPM Hose Outlet: 3/4''.
Weight: kg

Bilge Pump - 12 v Whale Supersub Smart

Low profile automatic bilge pump
The Smart Supersub bilge pump 650 has a low narrow design for confined spaces. The outlet and pump body rotate to suit your installation and the low power consumption means a longer battery life. The low profile strainer leaves the bilge almost dry. The Smart version comes with a built in float switch. 650 GPH. Hose connection: 19 mm (3/4"). Dimensions: 75 mm(H) x 54 mm(W) x 212 mm(L)
Weight: kg

Bilge pump - Rule 800GPH - 3028 LPH 12 v

Up to 50 litres/minute (11 gallons/minute). Maximum
Up to 50 litres/minute (11 gallons/minute) Maximum recommended discharge head:  2m Outlet: 3/4'' (19 mm) hose tail Recommended Fuse Size: - 5 A (at 12 V) Dimensions: 95 mm high, 60 mm base diameter.
Weight: kg

Bilge pump - Rule mate 500 12 v

Fully automated submersible bilge pump, ignition protected, high efficiency, with stainless steel shaft. Solid state electronic water sensing technology that turns the pump on without the need for a float switch. Anti fouling impeller.
  • Straight and 90 degree hose connection included.
  • Dimensions: 114.3mm(H) x 152.4mm(W) x 82.5mm(D).
  • Outlet: 3/4'' hose tails.
  • Capacity: 500gph/1890lph.
  • Fuse Requirement: 5amp.
  • WS-005
    Weight: kg

    Bilge pump - Rule-A-Matic float switch 12 v

    Auto float switch

    Rule-a-Matic mercury free float switch. Pump turns on when water level reaches 51mm (2"), turns off when water level drops to 19mm (3/4"). Removable base for easy installation and maintenance. Rating: 14 amps (max) Voltage Input: 12 Manufacturers Part Number: CW35.
    Weight: kg

    Bilge pump -Whale self venting submersible 12 v pump

    The whale standard submersible pump is a simple, compact and economical solution. It has a long life and is very quiet with a low power consumption. An inexpensive way to update a manual to an electric system, it can be used with pressure and micro switch systems. It has a flow rate of 10 LPM and draws 2.4 amps.
    Weight: kg

    Blue cold water hose- per metre

    per mtr

    Weight: kg

    Bowman end 3366

    Weight: kg

    Bowman end cap 3419

    Weight: kg

    Bowman exhaust flange

    Weight: kg

    Bowman Filler Cap small

    Weight: kg

    Bowman Filler neck & screw insert

    EA-061 & EA-062
    Weight: kg

    CAV Filter Surefit Nut & Olive 1/4"

    Surefit nut for CAV filter/agglomerator, ½” UNF, for ¼” pipe.

    Centaflex 1.5"

    Weight: kg

    Centaflex studs and nuts

    Control cable -Teleflex Mid

    Available 6' - 24' long


    Deck filler/Pumpout key Slot & Hex


    Weight: kg

    Diesel Filler Label

    Please select Brass or Chrome

    Curved 72mm x 20mm