Weight: kg

12v push/pull switch

Weight: kg

Battery switch 1-2 both 175amp

NAPS 0-0605-11
Weight: kg

Battery Switch 300 AMP Rotary Marine


Marine battery isolator Switch. Removable control knob in the off position. Rated at 300 amps continuous (1 hr) at 48 volts DC and 1000 amps for 5 seconds. M 10 studs. l 69 x w 77 x h 69 mm. CE approved.

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Horn button

Weight: kg

Horn push button- Hella 20A -12V

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Panel Switch GS - 3 way

Weight: kg

Spare isolator key

Switch - Battery Isolation 200 amp continuous 1000 amp overload

Weight: kg

Switch - Pull 12V - 20A rear screw connection

Rating : 20A,12V DC

Switch - toggle 2way on/off

Warning Lamp